The Genetics of Cattle

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Understanding of cattle genetics and genomics has increased dramatically. This book covers genetic components behind important factors in cattle production such as breeds, disease resistance, growth, development, behaviour, body composition and meat quality. With significant updates throughout, this new edition includes significantly updated material, new contributing authors, and new chapters on genetics of fat production and deposition, nutrition, feed intake and feed efficiency, growth and body composition and genomic selection in beef and dairy cattle. Within the past two decades, new methods created by molecular genetics and cytogenetics as well as quantitative genetics have greatly enlarged the amount and quality of genetic information available in domestic mammals. Cattle have been significantly involved in this process, particularly due to the large impact of new knowledge and methods on the economy and culture of numerous countries for both meat and milk production. As demands for these goods increase, modern genetic technologies in immunogenetics, cytogenetics, biochemical and molecular genetics create optimistic expectations for the future. A comprehensive reference to work on genetics and selection of cattle Written by internationally recognised experts All relevant topics, from phylogeny, morphological traits, diseases and behaviour to transgenics, performance traits and genome mapping included Invaluable to advanced students and researchers, as well as livestock producers and veterinarians.
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